To All our Loyal Customers: As you would no doubt be aware, word of mouth advertising goes a long way for almost all business, but with today’s busy lifestyle and technology being the way it is, we are finding that when the average person looks for a tradesman, they generally Google the trade and hope that Google in its infinite wisdom will serve up the best of what they are looking for, and of course the first things that come up in the search engines are the ‘Paid Ads’ then the Local ‘Places’ Listings and then the sites with great search engine optimisation – after the first page, only specialists will go on to the next page. To get to the top of the listings, Google relies on many factors, but the one I would like to discuss today is the Local Places Listings. These are solely dictated by reviews – the reviews generally come from social websites such as FaceBook, Google+ pages, LinkedIn etc.  or Local Business Directory pages, like True Local, Start Local, Yelp and the like.  (This paragraph is valuable advice that my SEO consultant would normally charge for!) Now, what we are requesting is a two part mechanism. Part One: We ask you to ask yourself this question.

Are you happy with the work that Steve and his team of incredibly professional tree technicians do for your business?

Part Two A: if the answer is NO, then you can close this page and go about your day, we thank you for your time and bid you a good day! Part Two B: If the answer to the question is YES then we ask you to do one incredibly big favour for Steve and Vicki and that is to click the link below, in the page that opens up, you can use one or more of those links to submit a review to Steve and Vicki’s website. The review doesn’t have to be a six page essay, it only needs to make a statement that you like the work that they do for you and that you would recommend them to anyone needing an “Expert Tree Service” or an “Emergency Tree Service” and if you think that they are competitive with their prices, then maybe mention that too! No business is allowed to put words in your mouth, and every business that makes this request does take a huge risk that you as a customer may say something that is not complimentary, we believe that our list of Loyal Customers believe that they are the best at what they do, and fair in their pricing. We wish to thank you for your help and your loyalty to our business in the past, and offer you our full commitment to the future. Links to Social Pages to place your review:

Expert Tree Service Reviews 

Yelp – Google+ – Start Local – True Local – eLocal Directory