There are a lot of advantages to using Expert Tree Services when you are landscaping. Making sure that you maintain your trees is of utmost importance to their health and longevity. Most people prefer to think of their trees as something to enhance their homes but trees can be used for shade and protection as well.

Trees could become dangerous if they are not maintained on a regular basis. Trees that are dead or dying can become a safety hazard and could lead to issues of liability for the owner of the property. This is why it is vital to maintain your trees.

What are the best practices for maintenance of trees? – Maintenance can be done something you do on your own or by our Expert Tree Services. My recommendation would be fairly obvious; mainly because the equipment and training that you would need to do the job properly could run into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the course of a tree’s life span.

When planting trees, the selection of healthy saplings is vital. Planting the trees with enough growing space is also of importance. I have over the years experienced many of my customers who had planted their trees before giving any forethought to how big their trees would grow over time and when the tree matured it lead to overcrowding which created the necessity to eliminate of some of the trees in a garden. This is where our Expert Tree Services can advise the best course to take for the survival and ascetics’ of your landscape.

Maintenance of your trees should be done at regular intervals. Not just as a reaction to a major event like storms. Removing weak or dead branches as they are noticed will eliminate the branches falling at an inappropriate time where a child or animal can be hurt or injured. Most recently there have been a number of reports on the news of children being killed by falling tree branches. Sadly these deaths could have been avoided if the trees were maintained on a regular basis. With South East Queensland being a severe storm zone it is every tree owners responsibility to maintain healthy trees.

Use by Date: yes trees can have them too! Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any crazier out there! Trees don’t live forever, at least not Australian Natives and certainly not Palm Trees. When the time comes for you to say goodbye to your trees it is definitely the most inexpensive way to bring the tree down. To employ a professional and Expert Tree Services – TPS will rig the tree down; in high density urban areas we take down the tree in stages safely. We then recycle and dispose of it ethically and in an environmentally safe and friendly way. The chipped tree can be used for your own garden mulch or we can take it away at no additional cost to the tree owner. This then goes to mulch council lands and other places that need bulk mulch. Nothing goes wasted and nothing goes to the transfer station for landfill.

Expert Tree Services – at your Service!