Capalaba Stump Grinding Service

Capalaba Stump Grinding Service is a service that is achieved with a stump grinder; these come in all sizes – they can be the size of a lawn mower or as larger as a tractor. Any other method for tree or palm stump removal would be expensive and time consuming. How our Capalaba based operation takes care of your stump removal is as simple as making a quick phone call.

Our stump grinder removes the stump by using a high speed rotating cutting disk with tungsten teeth which chip the wood away and dig to various depths below ground level.

Working around a stump can be difficult, it can be a waste of space and and eyesore, not to mention a safety hazard should someone be walking in the area of the stump. (you wouldn’t want to fall or twist your ankle!) You can’t always be there to warn someone of the problem so if you have a stump that is just annoying and not allowing you to fully use or take advantage of the space that the stump takes up, then now is the time to think about getting it removed once and for all!

The stump is effectively turned into a pile of wood-chip, leaving you with only a memory of where the tree or palm was.

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The wood chip can be removed if required or can be used for mulching your garden.

Stumps can be ground down to a depth of 450 mm and all surface roots eliminated. Leaving the entire area Usable and Safe!

With a wide range of machines, Trees Palms and Stumps can access stumps in almost any situation, from behind a pool, or on a retainer wall, to grinding stumps on a house block WE CAN DO IT!

We are located in Capalaba, and service the Capalaba and Redlands areas as well as Brisbane and Logan.

We can Guarantee that No Stump is safe when we are called in to grind it away!

Just contact TPS Trees Palms and Stumps,Capalaba Stump Grinding Services to get your stump grinding and removal estimate.

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